Sunday, April 22, 2012

I just can't Dunk anymore!

Can you remember when you realized you weren't young anymore?

I can remember the incident distinctly.  I was watching the Boston Celtics beat up on a team as only they could do in the years of the Big Three: McHale, Parrish and Bird.  It was Robert Parrish's birthday and they were saying that he was the oldest player in the NBA at the time at 39 years old.

I had just turned 39 myself.  There goes my NBA chances - I was officially older than every player in the league!

Not that I had any chance of playing basketball for a living, but, the dream's of a young boy die hard!

Now that I'm approaching the big 60 I still play basketball a couple of times a week and I realized the other day that I just can't dunk the ball anymore.  Well, maybe the only time I ever really dunked the ball was on my daughter's Fisher Price basketball hoop.  At almost 60, I might have a hard time doing even that now.

 They say that 60 is the new 40.  Well, maybe I should resurrect my dreams of playing in the NBA!