Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm Too Fat to get Hired

It is not illegal to discriminate against someone who is fat; unfair maybe, but not against the law.  It happens all the time.

Put yourself in an employer's place.  Two candidates  interview for a job and they are equal in every qualification except one candidate is fifty pounds overweight.  The choice is clear for the employer.  Forget all the stigma attached to overweight people, an employer is probably looking at long term health problems and a loss in productivity.

So, what do you do if you are overweight?  Give up?

You must realize that every job candidate has their good points and their bad points.  If you are like me and have a face that only a mother could love, then you better be great in other areas because you have one strike against you to start with.

So, what are these other areas?

Are you dressed well?  First impressions rule and an expensive well fitting outfit can help a lot with how you are initially perceived.

Do you have the right qualifications?  If not, then how do you develop these qualifications?  Maybe you need to enroll in a course or seminar to bolster your resume in a specific area or maybe you can do some self study?

Is your resume and cover letter perfect?  I actually see candidates with resumes that have  misspelled words.  I should say that I see the resumes, not the candidates.  If you are not great at English, get some help.

Do you speak well and will that show up in your interview?   Speaking well is only a matter of practice.  Have someone ask you interview questions every night.  If you really want to get better, join a speaking organization like Toastmasters International.

Are you overweight?  Don't despair - there is a job out there for you!

Make sure your other areas are top notch.  Start eating healthier.  You would be surprised at how a 5-10 pound loss will take that puffiness from your face and make you look and feel better.

Professor Tom Laurie

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